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Rope, Floats, Anchors and Hardware



You may have the best long line in the world but if your anchoring system is substandard, your whole long line becomes compromised and you could lose valuable shell.


Anchoring systems and components are vital to ensure the success of your long line and its long life.

Choose from our wide selection of rope constructions and raw materials or work with us to design a system to best suits your needs



We have a network of factories around the world that can manufacture rope to exacting specifications. Choose from a variety of materials including:


  • Polyethylene

  • Polypropyelene

  • Nylon

  • Polyester

  • Polysteel

  • Dyneema/Spectra



Float quality is important for long lines. If the floats are not manufactured properly, they can break, split or explode.


We've fabricated our own moulds to produce floats and have worked with customers to design special buoyancy systems to suit long lines and specific conditions they're used in.


Need a new design? Not a problem. We can work with you to design something unique for your location.



Using our coded welders on staff, we can also supply anchors to securely position your lines. Based on proven designs, these anchors feature excellent holding power for minimal deadweight. Combine these anchors with custom spliced anchor lines and you have strong and efficient holding power. 



Chain, shackles and other anchoring hardware can be supplied to match your system.

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