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Long Lines



If you have a need for any type of line, we can make it for you.


Our standard lines carry 100 pearl nets and have an overall line length of 100m. Securely position the line with our efficient anchoring systems and you have the simplest and best method for growing pearls.


Need it longer, stronger, shorter, more versatile? Design your line yourself or work with us to come up with that a design to suit your conditions perfectly. Calm water or rough open oceans—long lines can be built to suit your farm.




We can supply long lines in any stage of assembly or alternatively in component parts so that you can assemble them yourselves. Main lines, drop ropes and other items prefabricated ready to put together.


Repair Service


We can even refurbish your old long lines by re-using the floats and replacing the ropes that may be worn or deteriorating. At our factory or at your site, we can develop a package and a price to suit.



Long Lines have proven themselves to be the ultimate method for holding pearl nets and for pearl cultivation systems. They are strong, flexible, easy to use and can be deployed in almost any site conditions imaginable.


The lines are a combination of rope, floats and float attachments which hold the pearl oysters in a good position to maximise water flow, water temperature and nutrient levels

All components of the long line can be varied to suit your conditions. Design variations can include float type (surface or subsurface; different shapes & sizes); rope construction (Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester, Dyneema) and various attachment methods.


We can manufacture long lines in all styles including:


Surface lines, Subsurface lines, Hatchery lines, Dump lines















































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