We regularly design and add accessories of all types to our product list.


As we develop more and more technologies for pearl farming, many of these types of accessories will change. Check here frequently for additions to the range.

Deck Hardware
Hydraulic side winches
Lifting arm and grapple
Capstan winch
Lazy roller
Anti-Predator nets
PE mesh in various mesh sizes and thickness. These can be configured to suit your requirements and farming styles.
Float clamp
Hatchery Equipment
Nucleus rejection net
Nucleus rejection bag
Operating table
Flat pack
Features water channel, removable legs and water taps. Fabricated in lightweight aluminium.
Pegging basket
Plastic, galvanised, stainless steel, plastic coated
In plastic we have 10 section (70cm x 20cm x 20cm) and 15 section (85cm x 15cm x 15cm) or custom order in metal to suit your requirements.
Rannuki basket
45cm x 45cm x 15cm, with or without lids. Can be used for spat, pre-operating, turning, grow-out and operations.
Shark clips
Spat collector
Provided in sets or singularly
Spat bag
Grafting Light
We can supply lights to suit the grafting procedure. Bright and cool, these LED lights are perfect and can run on mains power or battery.
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