Partners in Pearling

In the Pearling industry, it’s important to have the right equipment on your site when you need it, to ensure efficiencies and profitability. With many Pearl Farms situated in extremely remote locations, sourcing of some products can often become a headache. Unless you deal with Pearling Technologies.

Pearling Technologies is perhaps one of the only companies in the world that can supply the most complete range of products and services for pearl farming enterprises. 


Whether your requirements are simple or complex, we can assist you in many ways to make a success of your pearling operations.

Our commitment. We've been involved in the pearling industry for more than 30 years. During this time we've been committed to providing the very best in service and innovative products that can help make your job easier. We are happy to visit your location to get a first hand view of what the conditions are like and will work with you to design a system to ensure your farm works to its maximum potential.


We have been on the ground in countries and locations including Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Tahiti and China. We've seen first hand the conditions and environmental forces that impact on individual farms. It's this hands on experience that allows us to recommend the right product for the right job.

Our Service. We're here to help you. Ring, email, text, WhatsApp, fax, Skype or contact us in any other method and we'll be here to handle your enquiry. Day or night. Early or late. National or international.