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We specialise in custom making pearl nets to suit any operation, location or farming style. With your input, we can design a pearl net especially suited to your pearl farm. We don't usually keep stocks of pearl nets but prefer to make to suit each individual customer.


Pearl net variations include:


Netting: Spider Net (our revolutionary design), or standard materials such as PE twisted netting and PE monofilament netting

Net Colour: Orange, blue, black, white - or your choice of other colours (some minimum quantities will apply).

Frame: Full frame or part frame (coat hanger style), one or more cross bars


Steel: Mild steel or stainless steel; 5mm, 6mm or any other diameter.


Frame Treatment: plastic coated, galvanised or both


Options: hang rope, shark clip, etc


We have factories located in different countries to serve your needs. From a simple design to a complicated configuration—we can do it all. With more than 30 years of experience in the global pearling industry, we can help solve your pearl net problems.

Here's just a sample of some of our pearl nets.

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